László Puczkó

Director of Industry Intelligence

Health Tourism for Greece

Mar / 2015

Laszlo Puczko, RLA Group Managing Director recently spoke at the International Health Tourism Convention in Athens, Greece, on the importance of creating an authentic wellness experience. Greece considers health tourism one of the key areas for the country’s tourism development while neighbouring Turkey has already achieved a strong position in the medical tourism market. The international panel was invited to identify possible development options for Greece. Puczko introduced the concept of wellness-washing as a slippery road to be avoided by destinations and operators.... Read more

Competitive Realities for the French Wellness and Spa Industry

Feb / 2015

Laszlo Puczko, RLA Group Managing Director, was part of a panel of international experts at Premières Journées Professionnelles Spa & Wellness in Paris discussing how international trends may or can influence the industry in France. The French wellness and spa industry is widely considered to be more inward-looking than in many other countries. The event organizers, the editors of Profession bien-être and Guidespa.com) invited a global roster of professional spa and development consultants to explore controversial industry trends and benchmark data.... Read more