László Puczkó

Director of Industry Intelligence

Why ‘wellness’ is a tired terminology?

Mar / 2018

RLA’s László Puczkó RLA’s Director for Industry Intelligence was invited for the third time to address the attendees at ITB’s Expert Forum in Berlin on the subject of ‘how lifestyle changes affect demand for wellness while on vacation’.... Read more

RLA & Termatalia Create a Strategic Partnership to Increase industry insights in Thermal Tourism

Feb / 2018

The strategic partnership between Termatalia, renowned for the International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare and RLA is important because it will enhance the industry’s knowledge about the role of travel …... Read more

Lifestyle Medicine: Friend or Foe of Hotel Development?

Jul / 2017

In a new article published in the Hotel Business Review, RLA's Director of Industry Intelligence, László Puczkó discusses how Lifestyle medicine can become a good friend...... Read more