Lynn Curry

RLA USA, President & Co-Owner

Hot Springs Emerge as Hot Market for Investments

Oct / 2019

Thermal and mineral springs offer attractive new investment opportunities to resort developers and real estate companies as demand for healing waters and authentic spa experiences are on the rise and the sector is forecast to enjoy robust growth in the coming years. ... Read more

RLA USA President Lynn Curry spoke at the New York Times Travel Show

Jan / 2019

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RLA USA President Lynn Curry Takes Part in Northwest Hotel Investment Forum

Oct / 2018

Lynn Curry, RLA President participated in a panel discussion with industry professionals Thomas Klein – President & COO, Canyon Ranch / Mark Lukens - Managing Director, LW Hospitality Advisors / Alfredo Carvajal - President Delos and Adam Glickman.... Read more

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Lynn Curry

RLA USA, President & Co-Owner

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