RLA Global's AVO solutions help you to maximize the value
of your asset and increase your cash-flow.

The AVO service is designed for optimizing the profitability of hospitality assets, providing hotel owners, investors and asset managers an independent resource to drive the economic interests with high-level expertise for quick results.


The RLA Global Difference

RLA Global aligns interests to create clarity to maximise operational performance.

Our practical, front to back, start to finish, direct in-industry experience means we understand the challenge, the context, and the client's situation rapidly, so we hit the ground running. Our typically hands-on approach helps clients clarify and prioritize, cutting to the core of the issues and identifying the best route to the best outcome, effectively and efficiently.

Our understanding and in driving developments and operations forward, as well as pushing international operators to go further by working together, is beyond doubt. By adding a clear understanding of the investors’ requirements and in-depth financial knowledge, we can create an environment where together we maximize an operation’s valuation, in such a way that all parties benefit and, as such, work together to achieve this.

RLA Global's Asset Value Optimisation Services at a Glance

Health checks covering control & operational integrity

History has proven that a profit and loss account only means something if there is a solid balance sheet behind it. 

Our health checks look at systems and integrity from a balance sheet perspective all the way through to operational efficiency. This has a direct impact on valuations and working capital control and is often not an operational priority. Whether it is as part of a due diligence exercise or as part of an internal control exercise, these checks are crucial to map out the risks and, indeed, the opportunities in an operation.

Revenue optimisation across all income streams

The balance in between pricing and volume is the cornerstone of each leisure operation and our experience in this area is unrivalled as not only are we keen to apply up to date revenue management but we link this directly to incremental flow-through to the bottom line as this is where a real difference can be made. The other crucial aspect here is looking at matters from a total operational perspective as opposed to individual departments within a property.

Turnaround management

It is surprising what a fresh pair of eyes can bring to an existing operation, whether it is to make sure that a management company delivers and adds value or whether it is about maximizing space in the best possible way, we can be that fresh pair of experienced eyes for any Owner or Investor.

Asset Performance Valuation

Having a professional team reviewing your operation monthly with the management team and the brand has significant benefits as risks and opportunities will be identified and highlighted immediately and reported transparently to all involved. 

Asset management is making sure that all parties involved are represented to the other ones with an overall goal of maximizing operating profit, which in turn drives the valuation of a property and has material benefits for the management company and the management.

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