Talking to Industry Leaders

Influencers in Hospitality is a Q&A with the movers and shakers of the hospitality and tourism industry with the objective of gaining leadership insights and the success traits that make the influencer.

Alexander Schneider


Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts

Dec, 2022

Create distinctive product profiles

Alexander Schneider reveals Nikki Beach approach to navigating the business through the waves of crisis, pandemics, conflicts, inflations and the fast-changing trends, by sticking to their core values, always putting themselves the magic question.

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Dimitris Manikis


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, EMEA

Sep, 2022

Be faster, become a better story-teller

Dimitris Manikis shares his learnings from the pandemic era, his thoughts on the importance of embracing younger generations' ideas and why the hospitality industry narratives need to be changed.

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Achim Schmitt

Dean, Full Professor of Strategy

Graduate School, EHL

Sep, 2022

Restore hospitality industry jobs' prestige

Dr. Achim Schmitt talks about the importance of reigniting the prestige of the jobs in hospitality industry, and its complex positive impacts in both the present industry and for the future professionals including employer branding, and the consequent employee engagement and guest experience.

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