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Influencers in Hospitality is a Q&A with the movers and shakers of the hospitality and tourism industry with the objective of gaining leadership insights and the success traits that make the influencer.

Martina Maly-Gaertner


COO, Member of the Board, UBM Development

Navigating Hospitality Industry’s 2024 Challenges

Hospitality leader Martina Maly-Gaertner spotlights 2024 opportunities amidst headwinds, urging asset utilization, energy hedging, and AI adoption. She emphasizes emotional intelligence and diversity as imperative to thrive through crisis. We also learn her motto and how it has helped her create a supportive culture, where it is allowed to fail and make mistakes. Lots of inspirational thoughts from an empathic and strategic leader. 12-2023

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Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso

MD, Msc

Co-Founder and Medical Director of Maison Santé

Personalize Your Health and Wellbeing Offer

Dr. Maria champions proactive healthcare over reactive "sick-care" as a new approach from society to improve health and longevity. She emphasizes that there is a growing demand for personalized treatments and highlights sleep as a foundation for maintaining good health and well-being. Dr. Maria believes that travel destinations and resorts play an important role in turning back the clock - they are the Kickstarter for health. For her, the industry's hidden gem is genuine care both in terms of offer and service attitude. Tune in for wise thoughts. Learn about how destinations can improve their value propositions. 08-2023

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Cornelia Kausch

CEO of CK Hospitality and CK Collective

Train your employees

Cornelia Kausch emphasizes the importance of humanizing workplaces in the hospitality industry by understanding the key drivers and motivators of the employees, providing education, and investing in them, so they can truly make a difference. “A nice property is only as good as the people who work there and make it come to light”. Discover how to break down silos and leverage AI to create additional value for our industry. 07-2023

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Dr. Issac Mathai

Founder and Chairman

SOUKYA holistic health and wellness destination

Integrate ancient with modern

Dr. Issac Mathai shares his views on the values of combining the ancient and modern medicine approaches in health & wellness. 05-2023

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Marco P. Nijhof

Director Hospitality & Guest Experience

Value Retail European Holdings

Know your guests well

Marco P. Nijhof discusses that understanding the values and preferences of guests is fundamental in the hospitality industry. He believes that the future of hospitality is about personalization and providing a multitude of experiences. Marco explains how hotels can create a difference by capitalizing on the idea that "Luxury is available at all budget levels". 04-2023

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Andrea Belfanti


International Society of Hospitality Consultants

Have more diversity in leadership

Andrea Belfanti highlights the importance of human interactions and actions in the hospitality industry, while also pointing out the lack of diversity and inclusivity in top executive roles. She emphasizes the need for a significant shift in thinking and actions and remains hopeful that positive changes are on the horizon. 03-2023

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Alexander Schneider


Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts

Create distinctive product profiles

Alexander Schneider reveals Nikki Beach approach to navigating the business through the waves of crisis, pandemics, conflicts, inflations and the fast-changing trends, by sticking to their core values, always putting themselves the magic question. 12-2022

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Dimitris Manikis


Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, EMEA

Be faster, become a better story-teller

Dimitris Manikis shares his learnings from the pandemic era, his thoughts on the importance of embracing younger generations' ideas and why the hospitality industry narratives need to be changed. 09-2022

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