We Add Value in the C-Suite and on the Ground

For both new developments and existing operations, our extensive knowledge will benefit owners and operators ensuring maximised returns on investment.  At RLA Global we specialise in resorts, hotels and other hospitality driven assets.  We work at every level of our client's organisation to deliver those benefits with insights and efficiency.  

The RLA Global Difference is highlighted by managing complexity for owners and stakeholders. We provide strategic advisory services for all types of projects ranging from small boutique hotels to large-scale resorts and portfolios of properties. Our team’s broad hospitality and international experience improves asset performance and reduces owner risk at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Protecting Stakeholder Interests

RLA Global Asset Management represents the best interests of hotel investors and owners to ensure enhanced asset value is achieved.
We align with the objectives of the owner and use our experienced strategic thinking along with analytical application to drive asset value throughout the life-cycle of the asset.


RLA Global Resort & Hotel Services at a Glance


RLA Global specialise in delivering commercially robust, astute and creative asset development planning. We help our clients exploit even the most challenging market dynamics. Our comprehensive viability services are based on the best financial practice and cutting-edge asset planning methodologies, to deliver measurable, business impact.

  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Financial forecasts
  • Market segmentation review
  • Revenue and distribution strategy recommendations
  • Identification of best business/potential scenarios
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Risk assessment, SWOT analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • Definition of best and most suitable concept for the development

Asset Management

RLA Global’s Asset management service is vital to the realisation of maximum Owner returns and minimized investor risk.   It ensures that all parties involved are represented with an overall goal of maximising operating profit which in turn drives the valuation of a property and has material benefits for the management company and the management.  

  • Asset due-diligence
  • Operator review and assessments
  • Ongoing monitoring of the operations and financial performance
  • Oversight of the budgeting process
  • Strategy oversight
  • Enhance ability to react promptly to underperformance
  • Liaising and relationship management between Owner and Operator
  • Performance monitoring of management and operator
  • Owner representation
  • CapEx assessment
  • Monitoring systems implementation

Concept & Development Support

Clients should not have to choose between financial performance and guest experience. RLA Global’s conceptualisation services deliver holistically, aligning the needs of diverse stakeholders to produce bottom-line returns with top-notch guest attraction and retention performance. We can engage with owners, developers, operators, architects, legislative and governmental bodies to create a single point of contact for our clients, aligning interests and outcomes.

  • Project inception and strategic development plan and review
  • Site and area review, analysis and recommendations
  • Identification of potential opportunities and challenges
  • Concept brief with programming and services recommendations

Operator Search & Negotiations

Developing optimal relationships requires a combination of detailed hands-on knowledge, business acumen and creativity. Ultimately, as owners' representatives, we ensure operators’ incentives are aligned directly with the granular needs of the owner. RLA Global delivers clarity, control and balance, by enabling owners to focus accurately on the critical issues and create symbiotic and profitable, durable relationships with their operators.

  • Full-service support to identify, evaluate and select the appropriate operator
  • Operator package and contract negotiations
  • Management / Franchise / Alliance contract review
  • Outsourcing alternatives

Technical Services

RLA Global provides a range of services aligned to the technical and functional design and operation of hotels, ranging from brand standard development to property reviews.

Providing owners with the ROI data to deliver technical services

RLA Global manages hotel technical services based on a deep understanding of hotel design and hotel operations.  Our expertise is realised through the delivery of efficient environments and high performing assets that are fully compliant with the relevant codes and regulations and offer consistent design intent. RLA Global’s metric focused approach delivers value and enables ROI assessment.

Services include:

  • Hotel Renovation Assessment (HRA)
  • Renovation Strategy & ROI Modelling
  • Property Improvement Planning
  • Property/Development Appraisal
  • Hotel Renovation Assessment
  • Brand Design & Technical Services
  • Technical & Functional Optimisation
  • Technical Services Agreement (TSA)
  • Property Auditing
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Area Programme Development
  • Mock-up Room Services
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Pre-Opening Audit
  • FF&E and OS&E Services

Renovation Strategy

Our approach to Hotel Renovation Strategies facilitates tailored solutions to meet the requirements of the Owners or Investors needs, aligned to the drivers for renovation.  By analysing the data through a proprietary set of tools and techniques RLA Global can offer dynamic renovation strategies with actionable content and reasoned investment scenarios that enable successful renovation projects, and further asset management strategy, by promoting a single aligned vision to project success.


Property Reviews

Successful property reviews begin with communication and a measured approach to establishing the drivers for change that will deliver the required guest experience, coupled with a budget that will deliver the desired return on investment (ROI).  The first step is establishing the strategy and metrics that are aligned with the primary project drivers, and those of the project stakeholders.  This approach has a positive impact on the project by drastically reducing compromise and increasing speed to market.  RLA Global use a logical approach to achieving successful property reviews and renovation strategies that deliver the desired results, by applying a way of thinking about strategy and design using a metric and data-driven methodology. 

  • Property Questionnaires
  • Property Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Property Audits
  • Renovation Strategy
  • Property Reports
  • Technical & Brand Compliance
  • Technical & Functional Optimization


Brand Design & Technical Standards

Our approach to delivering Hotel Technical Services and Brand Design Standards and Guidelines is based on a deep understanding of Hotel Operations and the need to create operationally efficient environments that are fully compliant with building, fire and life safety codes and regulations, coupled with a consistent design intent that truly reflects the essence of the Brand, linked to the Guest journey and experience.  It is important that Technical and Design standards aspire to offer a  centre of excellence within leading Hospitality standards and that they translate into property-specific elements that can be audited against the Operational Standards, ensuring long term compliance and Guest satisfaction. Brand Guidelines are coordinated to ensure that the complete suite of documents is easily translated by the Consultant teams.  We are pioneering a life cycle cost approach to inventory management that not only ensures a compliant and efficient design and installation but one that assists Capex and Asset strategies to add value to the Hotel asset and deliver the return on investment.

  • Brand Books
  • Design Guidelines
  • Design Standards
  • Specification Books
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Property Report Templates
  • Engineering & Fire & Life Safety Standards
  • ICT and AV Guidelines
  • Security Guidelines
  • Signage Standards
  • Peer Reviews
  • Area Programme Development


Mock-Up Room Services

Our Mock-Up Room (MUR) Services offer peace of mind to an often-critical path element of Hotel developments.  The timely design, procurement and delivery of the MUR has a massive impact on the overall project success and speed to market.  Years of design and operational experience assist in scoping an MUR that will meet the highest standards of detailing and operational efficiency.

  • Design Development
  • Procurement Strategy
  • FF&E Inspections
  • MUR Inspections
  • MUR Reports


Health Checks Covering Control & Operational Integrity

History has proven that a profit and loss account only means something if there is a solid balance sheet behind it.  Our health checks look at systems and integrity to serve both the balance sheet and profit and loss sheet perspectives. This has a direct impact on valuations and working capital control and is often not an operational priority.   Whether it is as part of a due diligence exercise or as part of an internal control exercise, these checks are crucial to map out the risks and, indeed, the opportunities in an operation.

  • Operational and financial audits
  • Comprehensive analysis and assessment of key operational, financial and experiential function
  • Management mentoring for specific skills and competencies
  • Development of a strategic roadmap to optimized performance
  • Best practices analysis
  • Management contract compliance

Owner Representation

As an Owner Representative RLA Global provides the necessary independent overview of the project providing the in-depth understanding of development and operations that optimise the opportunity and mitigates the most common expensive industry pitfalls.

  • Project development
  • Project Assessments
  • Ownership reporting systems
  • Operator search
  • Management contract compliance

Turnaround Management

Owners tell us that identifying the underperformance of a hospitality asset and implementing the necessary action steps is essential.  RLA Global provides a fresh experienced perspective to an existing operation.  Turnaround Management is a function of the competence, experience to speedily break down silos and interpret hard data and its interrelation with the performance of human resources.

  • Operational and financial audits
  • Comprehensive analysis and assessment of key operational, financial and experiential function
  • Management mentoring for specific skills and competencies
  • Development of a strategic roadmap to optimized performance
  • Best practices analysis
  • Management contract compliance

Project Portfolio