Our Mission

To continue to be the go-to corporate global resource for hospitality, leisure, recreation, wellbeing and health tourism related to hotels, destinations, resorts, active living communities and mixed-use developments. Optimizing financial performance for investors and property operators, as well as destinations with trusted, results-driven advice from the world’s most knowledgeable and dedicated, specialist, independent advisors in our industry sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than advancing the integrative evolution of the hospitality, wellbeing and leisure industries with innovative approaches to creating businesses that are based on sound operational principles - and positioned for long-term success.

RLA Global understands the importance of design to the guest experience as much as we recognize the need for economic efficiencies. Our projects incorporate both principles in equal measure to create next-generation hospitality and wellbeing environments and experiences that exceed market and guest expectations.

Our Values

We value processes that incorporate sound research and business analysis along with insight and experience to deliver customized experiences and business models that optimize asset values, market conditions and align with owner expectations.

The Way We Work

Our clients rely on us to improve the performance of their asset at every stage of its lifecycle. In the C-suite and on the ground, we partner with investors, owners, operators and governments on diverse property and destination projects.

We often act as a hub, managing other consultants and service providers to provide our clients with a senior, highly accessible, single point of contact. We integrate quickly into our clients' work culture to act as an in-house resource. 

The team who presents the project to you, works on the project. Our senior specialists don't have the tyranny of the timesheet requiring them to charge by 15 minute increments.  We  make a point of being always available to talk. This has allowed us the luxury of time to spend with our clients, and has created mutually valuable, deep-rooted, long-standing relationships.

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Wellbeing Hospitality®

A New Definition. A New Approach.

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