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Climate Emergency and the Hospitality Industry

This past year, we witnessed the many initiatives surrounding the banning of plastics straws and the replacement of miniature bathroom amenities, those are to be applauded. However, the attention should not be distracted from the larger picture. Is the Hospitality Industry on Track? Read more

Nov, 2019

Consultants tackle future of revenue, customers and labor

In a new article published in Hotel News Now, RLA's Lynn Curry features Read more

Nov, 2019

RLA Group CEO talks Economic Sustainability after Thomas Cook Fall

Read more

Oct, 2019

Influencers in Hospitality with Dr. Achim Schmitt

Associate Dean and professor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne shares his industry insights and some personal traits that have contributed towards his success. Read more

Oct, 2019

Hot Springs Emerge as Hot Market for Investments

Thermal and mineral springs offer attractive new investment opportunities to resort developers and real estate companies as demand for healing waters and authentic spa experiences are on the rise and the sector is forecast to enjoy robust growth in the coming years. Read more

Oct, 2019

Evolving Brain Health, Gene Based Nutrition and Healthy Ageing Programs in the Hospitality Industry

For decades, the international destination health resort industry has been at the forefront of promoting healthy lifestyle alternatives to a sickness management healthcare system. Read more

Oct, 2019

Unlocking the Potential of Sports in Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts can tap into a new lucrative market by catering to extreme sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. But first, they need to explore what drives guests keen on active sports and how they can be served best when it comes to their sporting passion. Read more

Oct, 2019

Overcoming the Challenge of Financing Resorts

Resort financing poses several challenges, particularly when compared with the financing of city hotels. Read more

Oct, 2019

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