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Recent hotel deals imply sustained investor appetite in 2022

Robust investment in hotel deals in the first quarter of 2022 suggests investor interest in hospitality assets could remain strong through the rest of the year despite new geopolitical and economic risks. Read more

Apr, 2022

Branded Residences are Dominating Hotel Investments - Here's Why.

Branded residences are going through a resurgence, with the number of offerings forecast to nearly double by 2026, new types of properties emerging and non-luxury brands targeting buyers with more affordable opportunities. Read more

Mar, 2022

RLA Global’s Top 5 Trends for Hotel & Resort Wellness.

In this hospitality insight article, we look at the trends that are influencing hotel & resort wellness in 2022. Read more

Feb, 2022

Hotel Development: 5 hospitality industry trends that we predict will be big in 2022.

In this hospitality trends article, we will examine the latest and most significant developments that are reshaping hotel development and the guest experience. Read more

Jan, 2022

RLA Global Insight 2021: The year in review.

As we approach the end of 2021, RLA Global looks back on a year that although was anything but normal, has not seen a hospitality industry in crisis. Read more

Dec, 2021

Glamping Offers New Investment Opportunities for Hospitality Operators

For developers looking for opportunities with limited financial risk, glamping has become a serious business. Read more

Nov, 2021

Growing Investor Interest In Resorts And Leisure Assets

Increased investor appetite for resorts and leisure properties have resulted in several acquisitions in in recent months. What makes these products attractive and will their current appeal last? Read more

Oct, 2021

Wellness Real Estate Report Insights into F&B Performance

RLA's head of EMEA hospitality advisory makes a closer inspection of the F&B and the data findings of the Wellness Real Estate Report Read more

Sep, 2021

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