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Market insight: Middle East hotels on the rise

The Middle East hotel market is benefiting from a recovery in international tourist arrivals and government-led economic programs, which aim to boost the accommodation supply. Read more

Feb, 2023

Key statistics hotel developers and operators need to know for 2023

The global hotel market benefited from a recovery in demand during 2022, but economic concerns keep the outlook rather uncertain. We've collected some important and interesting data market players should know as they're moving into 2023. Read more

Jan, 2023

Lifestyle hotels: corporate affair for big chains

The lifestyle hotel market is teeming with investment activity from big chains, which are eager to expand lifestyle offerings as part of their corporate strategy. Read more

Jan, 2023

Luxury hotels may see continued recovery amid energy cost concerns

While the general outlook on hotel demand is becoming more uncertain with rising energy prices and high inflation, luxury properties are well-positioned to stay resilient and enjoy continued recovery. Read more

Dec, 2022

Wellness-Dedicated Branded Residences All Hype But No Volume

With only One-Fifth of Amenities Offered in New Branded Residences being Wellness in nature, it seems strange to see a limited development in this sector Read more

Dec, 2022

Experiential programming a key trend

Personalised experiential programming is the biggest trend in travel currently, RLA Global Group CEO Roger Allen said at an interview during the recent Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum in Portugal. Read more

Nov, 2022

Experiential travel is a big win, not only for guests and hotels

Meaningful experiential holidays are gaining new momentum, with travellers increasingly seeking authentic experiences in a post-Covid era. This trend not only presents business opportunities to hotels, but also offers tremendous benefits to destinations and local communities. Read more

Oct, 2022

Why all-inclusive hotels are on the rise again

The all-inclusive model is making a comeback – but what has sparked this interest and why is it such a hot topic in hospitality investor circles? Read more

Aug, 2022

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