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Southern Europe - a Fast-Growing Frontier in Hospitality

Destinations in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe had a brilliant year in 2023, and may see another strong summer season in 2024. We dig a little deeper in their recent performances and examine what makes them attractive both to travelers and investors. Read more

May, 2024

Outlook for 2024: the rise and rise of experiential travel

Seeking unique travel experiences will remain a robust trend in a growing global tourism market in 2024, which has key implications for hotel operators. Read more

Feb, 2024

How Resorts Can Better Showcase and Safeguard Historical Heritage

In RLA Global's latest article on Hotel Executive, Paul Sawford explores the fusion of historical preservation with modern resort development, offering innovative strategies for enhancing cultural tourism and protecting heritage in the hospitality sector. Read more

Jan, 2024

Profiting from the Rise of Private Members Clubs

Members-only private clubs are enjoying somewhat of a boom today, with steady revenue flows from membership fees attracting new players to this market. Here is what investors and developers should know about the sector and how they can tap into its growth potential. Read more

Nov, 2023

New Metrics in Hotel Public Area Design

Our Managing Partner Paul Boldy has authored an insightful article on how the pandemic has impacted hotel public area design and revenue management. Published on, the article provides valuable perspectives for hotel owners, operators, and designers. Read more

Nov, 2023

Waking Up to the Importance of Sleep

Providing holistic and well-designed sleep experiences can help hotels not only improve overall guest satisfaction but strengthen brand identity and generate new revenue streams as well. Read more

Oct, 2023

Leisure Hotel Owners Need to Start Plan B

Hotels are still riding a significant wave of leisure demand growth, but forecasts suggest a slowdown could be looming. Here are the do’s and don’ts of preparing for a downturn. Read more

Oct, 2023

The US Hotel Industry – analysis of 1H 2023 and outlook for 2H 2023

We're pleased to share an insightful new report on the US hotel industry outlook for 2023 recently published by our friend and fellow hospitality expert, Michael Shindler of Four Corners Advisors. Read more

Aug, 2023

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