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Growing Investor Interest In Resorts And Leisure Assets

Increased investor appetite for resorts and leisure properties have resulted in several acquisitions in in recent months. What makes these products attractive and will their current appeal last? Read more

Oct, 2021

Wellness Real Estate Report Insights into F&B Performance

RLA's head of EMEA hospitality advisory makes a closer inspection of the F&B and the data findings of the Wellness Real Estate Report Read more

Sep, 2021

Resort & Destination Investment: uncertainty is the new norm with a sprinkling of optimism

Government support in destination planning will be crucial to boosting post-Covid investor confidence in hospitality. But for now, investment is still hindered by widespread uncertainty and speculation, with asset owners holding on and investors holding back. Read more

Aug, 2021

'Hospitality will Win Through': View from Dubai.

Paul Boldy, Managing Director of RLA Global Middle East is interviewed for the latest issue of Construction Manager Magazine. Read more

May, 2021

Design for Social Wellness: How Third Places Open Doors to Building Community

Having been stuck in one place for more than a year, there has been a lot of thinking about the concept of “third places” and their role in social wellness. Read more

Mar, 2021

2021: The Year of Reckoning for Underperforming Retail Destinations

Hit by declining rent income and reduced footfall, shopping centers and malls should harness consumer trends of wellness, leisure and community to survive in a post-pandemic market. Read more

Feb, 2021

The Importance of Talent Assessment in the COVID-19 Recovery Era

To state that Covid-19 has changed our world is an understatement.   It has affected all levels of society,  and  our hospitality sector has carried perhaps  the  greatest burden of it all.  Read more

Jan, 2021

Why Hotels Can't Ignore the Cannabis Boom

Hotels simply can't afford not taking notice of opportunities in the fast-expanding cannabis market. If we take a closer a look at the facts and figures, they certainly don’t lie. Read more

Jan, 2021

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