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Resources for Leisure Assets (RLA) is the go-to corporate global resource for hospitality, leisure, recreation, sportwellbeing and health tourism related to hotels, destinations, resorts, active living communities, senior living and mixed-use developments.

Our Approach

Clients tell us they don’t want to choose between achieving the best ROI and creating the best guest experience. We agree they shouldn’t have to. At RLA, we deliver both, using a holistic approach, a Wellbeing Hospitality® perspective, decades of experience and up-to-the-minute intelligence for leisure, recreation, health and wellness related to resorts, destinations, hotels, active living communities and mixed-use developments.

We create strategies that generate measurable business results for our clients’ property as a whole; the whole business, all stakeholders, the entire lifecycle of the asset. Our bespoke - Wellbeing Hospitality® - approach makes us the go-to corporate partner for owners, investors, operators and GM’s.

As an integrated, full-service resource, we bring relevant in-depth experience, professional integrity and robust research to all of our projects, in ways that address every aspect of hospitality and wellbeing serving the best interests of our clients, the project’s stakeholders and their guests.

If you invest in, own, operate or manage a leisure, recreation, health tourism related assets, or those specific to resorts, destinations, active living communities, and mixed-use developments - we can help your asset be incrementally more profitable throughout its lifecycle.

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Wellbeing Hospitality®

A New Definition. A New Approach. 

Latest News

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Jan / 2020

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RLA continues to be the go-to resource for creating experience led destinations

Jan / 2020

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Sustainability Matters - to green or not to green?

Dec / 2019

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Sustainability Matters - to green or not to green?

Dec / 2019

Establishing the economic value of green initiatives in hotel investments Read more

Management Team

Lynn Curry

RLA USA, President & Co-Owner

László Puczkó

Associate Director of Industry Intelligence

Janice Gronvold

Senior Partner

Dr. Richard von Kalmar

Director of Hospitality Investments & Board Member

Jessica Schorr

Director of Spa & Wellness

Advisory Board

Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso

RLA Advisory Board Member

Cornelia Kausch

RLA Advisory Board Member

Christopher Wayne Seabolt

RLA Advisory Board Member

The RLA Difference

We are specialists

As specialists, we have high-quality, hands-on competencies that are made truly superior by our practical and personalised service. A combination hard to find in a traditional global management consultancy.


Our intelligence-lead methodologies delivered by a spectrum of senior specialists with C-suite backgrounds ranging from blue-chip consultancy to on-the-ground operational experience are hard for smaller agencies to rival. 

Decades-long experience

We have decades-long experience, we provide a 360° overview, top to bottom, front to back, start to finish so that you can quickly understand your challenges and their context. 

Direct access

You’ll always have direct access to our senior team. We like spending time with our clients, and because we work with pre-defined rates that drive results, our clients can enjoy it too. 



We transfer and demonstrate transparently the knowledge, skills and processes behind our thinking. We always aim to work at the level that adds the most useful, long-lasting client-value.

Wellbeing Hospitality®

Our unique Wellbeing Hospitality® approach drives better KPIs for our clients.

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Our Offer

We offer, broad-scope, deep knowledge, client-centric service delivered by accessible, experience, dedicated senior advisors. Our unique approach, using proven methods, take the entire business environment into consideration. We aim to improve the bottom-line of the entire property, not merely the leisure asset.

Our clients rely on us to make the most of their leisure assets and be able to measure that improvement in financial and guest-experience terms. So, using a Wellbeing Hospitality® approach, we consider your asset holistically: its relation to the entire property, its whole lifecycle, as well as your needs in relation to all your stakeholders.

We partner with you at any stage in the life of an asset, delivering guest satisfaction and bottom-line benefits, from inception to resurrection, in the C-Suite, and on the ground. 

Using any of our services you will always deal directly with the senior team member. The people that present our proposal, deliver that proposal. Our hands-on experience means we are quick to understand your situation and can hit the ground running, delivering quick wins, as well as creating long-term benefit. Our clients tell us that these are among the reasons they continue to return to us.

We prove that fully-realised Guest Experience metrics and best ROI are not mutually exclusive. At RLA, our senior team use our robust assessments, unique concepts, and viable solutions while always focusing on the bottom line.

RLA Service Wheel



  • Feasibility
  • Market Research
  • Conceptualization
  • ROI Modelling
  • Sensitivity Analysis


  • Operational Design Brief
  • Regional & Destination Level Planning
  • Specification Book
  • Budgeting
  • Investment Sourcing
  • Zoning


  • Valuation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Asset Management
  • Owner Representation


  • Pre-Opening Support
  • Concept Implementation
  • Specialized Procurement
  • Operator Solution

Working with RLA Global

We make long-lasting commitments that create long-term relationships.

We pride ourselves that a significant proportion of our work comes from repeat business from existing clients or through their recommendations. We take that trust very seriously. Our clients value our honest and open communications, their opinions are vital to us, so we ensure they have direct, day-to-day contact with our senior team leaders.

To help you get a better feel for how we work and the relationships we create, please have a look at our testimonials and our client portfolio below.


Project Portfolio

These clients count on us not just to make sure their leisure assets make them money, but actually to provide the basis for incremental value over the whole life of their property.