Baktyiar Tokoev

Senior Consultant - Central Asia

Baktyiar Tokoev

Baktyiar is head of RLA Global's hospitality and tourism division in Central Asia with 18 years of hospitality background within 5 star and luxury properties and a proven track record in Central Asia and Middle East hotel and tourism sector. His leadership in enhancement of product and services, streamlining internal operations, sales and marketing focus and fiscal discipline resulted in substantive increases in guest satisfaction, occupancy and profitability. Representing senior management, he has developed corporate brand standards, implemented guest satisfaction and financial excellence projects, overseeing hotel operations and exercising multidisciplinary oversight, coaching and developing professional teams, managing award-winning hotel and resort outlets

Baktyiar has a strong knowledge of the Central Asian and Middle East hotel markets due his hands-on involvement and leadership in multiple roles in luxury assets, fostering relationships with key stakeholders of the internal organisations of working tourism and hospitality establishments.

As a key member of the RLA Global team, his understanding of the cultural specificities of complex projects in Central Asia combined with his experience in the tourism and hospitality industry coupled with his strong business focussed approach are invaluable components in helping RLA Global clients achieve lasting commercial success with their investments.

In addition to his native language of Kyrgyz, Baktyiar is fluent in English, Russian and Turkish

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Baktyiar Tokoev

Senior Consultant - Central Asia

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