Roger Jones

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development

Roger Jones

Roger Jones is an internationally experienced leisure and tourism master planner and strategy designer with 35+ years of expertise gained in golf, leisure and tourism.

Roger’s career evolved to golf facility design and development advisory services in the late 1980s. Since then he has designed, and or redesigned, golf courses in a number of European countries, in the U.S and in Asia, of all types and sizes. Further evolution of tourism and leisure through the decades has seen most new golf development into tourist resorts or residential communities, and therefore the master planning process demanded the inclusion of not only hospitality and residential real estate, but also many other leisure activities that cumulatively add to the resident and tourist experience. Consequentially not all projects would benefit from the inclusion golf from a strategic perspective, leading to expanding his scope of experience to resorts, and entire tourist destinations with a multiplicity of development options always focused on the most sustainable and commercially viable mix of assets and options.

Roger is also a strong proponent of strategy-based master planning, having seen many developments fail to come to fruition over the years because the initial business approach was too narrow and did not adequately consider all aspect and factors that contribute to the best resorts and destinations. 

During his career, has been a senior associate of a number of leading consulting companies such as Horwath HTL, Pas Grau International and THR International Tourism Advisors. He has played leading roles in world-class projects for both the private and public sectors including Strategic Tourism Development Master Plans (STDMP) for the Burabai Region of Kazakhstan, for the Quba & Qusar Regions of Azerbaijan, for the Governorates of Dhofar and Al Dakhiliyah in Sultanate of Oman, for the island of Cyprus, and for the coast of Albania. He also led a Coastal Transformation & Development Strategy for the coast of Kenya, was a key team member in a project to fully redevelop the coastal heritage destination of Al Hafa in Oman as well as many other leading developments.

He has spoken at a number of industry conferences, written numerous articles and publications, and is a regular attendee at major industry events.

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Roger Jones

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development