The latest edition of RLA Global's Wellness Real Estate Report is now available, featuring a comprehensive comparison of data from 2023 and 2022. This report delves into full-spectrum P&L data, offering both macro and micro perspectives from over 11,000 hotels worldwide.

The Wellness Real Estate Report is the only independent publication that provides structured data charts analyzing KPIs for Major Wellness, Minor Wellness, and No Wellness properties. The report offers valuable insights into how wellness influences revenue, operational costs, F&B performance, and the overall bottom line.

NEW THIS YEAR: The 2024 Wellness Real Estate Report includes an asset class comparison for the first time. This addition allows hospitality decision-makers to understand how hotels with Major, Minor, and No Wellness offerings perform across the Luxury, Upper Upscale, and Upscale segments.

Hotels are owned and built for various reasons, and our goal is to support owners, investors, and developers with a hands-on analysis that enables data-driven decisions and strategic planning for success.

The Wellness Real Estate Report provides both top-line and bottom-line views, along with insights into the latest trends that will shape the industry's future.

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