May, 2023

Integrate ancient with modern

Roger A. Allen

Group CEO, RLA

Talks to:

Dr. Issac Mathai

Founder and Chairman at SOUKYA holistic health and wellness destination

Dr. Issac Mathai shares his views on the values of combining the ancient and modern medicine approaches in health & wellness. Read Bio »

Dr. Issac Mathai

Founder and Chairman

SOUKYA holistic health and wellness destination

As a renowned Holistic Physician, integrating different systems of medicine, Dr. Mathai treated patients from over 120 countries. He is the health consultant of the British Royal families and numerous high-net-worth individuals.

Dr. Mathai pursued his family’s tradition of homeopathic medical practice, has become a medically qualified homeopathic physician after graduating from the A.N.S.S. Medical College Kerala, India. He broadened his knowledge at the  Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy in London, at the W.H.O. Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China, and the Harvard Medical School in the US.

Dr. Mathai achieved his young age’s aspiration of becoming an exceptional homeopathic doctor and serving the wellbeing of people.

He is the author of several books, and also a much-sought-after visiting consultant at various holistic centers in London and the US.

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