Apr, 2023

Know your guests well

Watch our short videos and collect some insights directly from acknowledged tourism and hospitality leaders.


Roger A. Allen

Group CEO, RLA

Talks to:

Marco P. Nijhof

Director Hospitality & Guest Experience at Value Retail European Holdings

Marco P. Nijhof discusses that understanding the values and preferences of guests is fundamental in the hospitality industry. He believes that the future of hospitality is about personalization and providing a multitude of experiences. Marco explains how hotels can create a difference by capitalizing on the idea that "Luxury is available at all budget levels". Read Bio »

Marco P. Nijhof

Director Hospitality & Guest Experience

Value Retail European Holdings

Marco's extensive experience spans 19 countries, working in senior management positions for the past 34 years with a variety of hospitality groups including Corinthia Hotels, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt International and Marriott Hotels.

In addition to being multilingual, Marco is well versed in strategy creation, business development, people and leadership, asset management, development and operational excellence.

He is an active participant and speaker in international investment conferences worldwide and a sought-after hospitality specialist.

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