Paul Boldy

RLA Global Middle East, Managing Director

Can You Afford not to Renovate Your Hotel?

Oct / 2020

With the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic still being felt in the Global Hospitality industry, many owners, investors, and indeed operators, are at a crossroads in terms of their asset strategy decisions. Whilst most will weather the storm, many will not, and yet others may even flourish. The difference will be how properties are positioned and how they adjust to a new value proposition.... Read more

Hotel Renovation Strategy – A Path to Success

Aug / 2020

Evaluation, feasibility studies, condition surveys and property improvement plans (PIP’s), all set the scene in a considered way and allow us to establish any potential issues to supplement the data analysis. However, the success formula for hotel renovation is not so commonly applied. ... Read more

Senior Team

Paul Boldy

RLA Global Middle East, Managing Director

Janice Gronvold

Senior Partner

Dr. Richard von Kalmar

Director of Hospitality Investments & Board Member

Laura Dutrieux

RLA Global Hospitality Advisory EMEA, Managing Director

Rita Levy

VP of Global Business Development

Paul Sawford

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development

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Strategic Wellness Tourism Advisor