The Role of Hotels in Mixed-Use Developments: Insights from GIOHIS 2024

Mar / 2024

Paul Boldy, our Managing Partner, was moderating an intriguing discussion at the GIOHIS - Gulf and Indian Ocean Hotel Investors Summit - in Abu Dhabi on March 4-5, 2024, with the title: Hotels in Mixed-Use Projects - anchors or baubles? ... Read more

New Metrics in Hotel Public Area Design

Nov / 2023

Our Managing Partner Paul Boldy has authored an insightful article on how the pandemic has impacted hotel public area design and revenue management. Published on, the article provides valuable perspectives for hotel owners, operators, and designers.... Read more

Paul Boldy Presents our Metric Driven Design Analysis at Future of Hospitality Summit

Sep / 2023

Our managing partner Paul Boldy recently presented our innovative metric-driven design analysis for hotel projects at the Future of Hospitality Summit (FHS). This methodology aligns stakeholder interests by optimizing key metrics driving guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, sustainability, and return on investment.... Read more

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