Simon Lee Saunders

VP Strategic Health & Wellness

Reconnecting With Nature

Jul / 2023

The article discusses the importance of investing in wellness driven by the growing demand for outdoor pursuits, mindfulness experiences, and nature-based activities that cater to the transformative needs of conscious travelers while promoting revenue and sustainability.... Read more

Simon Saunders presented 2023 Wellness Real Estate Report at HOTel & SPA in Paris.

Jun / 2023

Simon Saunders, our VP of Strategic Health & Wellness, delivered a captivating presentation on "The Business of Wellness in Real Estate: Performance Indicators & Market Overview" at the esteemed 15th Edition Forum HOTel & SPA in Paris. ... Read more

Experiential travel is a big win, not only for guests and hotels

Oct / 2022

Meaningful experiential holidays are gaining new momentum, with travellers increasingly seeking authentic experiences in a post-Covid era. This trend not only presents business opportunities to hotels, but also offers tremendous benefits to destinations and local communities. ... Read more

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