Simon Lee Saunders

Strategic Health & Wellness Advisor

Tech, Consumer Behaviour and Employee Changes Influencing Wellbeing in Hotels

Jul / 2022

Wellness is no longer a tick-box exercise to match travelers’ demands, it has developed into a lifestyle necessity enhancing health, both physical & mental, for all guests. ... Read more

Major Wellness Properties Show Stronger TRevPAR Recovery

Jul / 2022

Hotels with major wellness operations seem to be making bigger progress in post-Covid recovery compared to their peers with minor or no wellness offerings, at least on the revenue level, according to this year's edition of RLA Global's annual Wellness Real Estate Report. But the report warns that this performance must be put in context when assessing wellness investment opportunities. ... Read more

Super Fit to Flat Out Sick - A Personal Story

Dec / 2021

Life can change rapidly. From the highs of running “the world’s toughest footrace” Marathon des Sable in the Sahara Desert to the lows of being treated for cancer.... Read more

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Simon Lee Saunders

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