The 2021 Wellness Real Estate Report examines the landscape, which, due to COVID-19, has seen significant changes from previous years. The report is designed to assist investors, developers, operators and other industry stakeholders in evaluating the tangible impacts of wellbeing and wellness on real estate performance. 

Wellbeing and wellness offerings may boost the bottom-line results of leisure destinations, spa hotels and wellness resorts, but hospitality investors and developers often face challenges in assessing the tangible value of these activities and their impact on the performance of the property.

The Wellness Real Estate Report contains new research and aims to provide actionable insights on how wellbeing and wellness may contribute to your existing business or planned project on the revenue and profit levels. It uses data from P&L benchmarking company HotStats to evaluate the performance of 3,200 hotels of all classes worldwide.

The report also gives examples of hotel strategies to improve customer experience and discusses recent shifts in customer demand for wellness and wellbeing offerings, such as spa, fitness, sport, healthcare, outdoor activities, thermal water and mineral spring experiences and healthy nutrition.


  • How wellness offerings contribute to hotel revenue flows and operating costs
  • What effects wellbeing has on margins and overall hotel profits (GOP and GOPPAR)
  • How the extent of wellness operations impacts profitability at the property level
  • How wellness and wellbeing affect other classes of real estate, such as branded residences
  • Read our trend forecast

Report Contributors included: RLA Global research and analysis team, Laura Dutrieux, RLA Global Hospitality Advisory, Managing Director and Laura Powell, RLA Global Strategic Wellness Tourism Advisor   

The 2021 Wellness Real Estate Report is free to download below
and also available at  

  Download Wellness Real Estate Report 2021.pdf

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