Cornelia Kausch

Born into a family hotel business that included a Michelin-star restaurant, with high standards and values in focus, Cornelia possesses an in-depth knowledge of hotel management, food & beverage, conference operations, logistics and ROI.

Cornelia has a proven track record for developing hotels and turning around flagging properties having worked with Corinthia Hotels & Resorts, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Westin and IHG.  Served as Chief Operating Officer of The International Campus Group and was previously the Vice President of Development for Pandox AB, Sweden, one of the leading hotel property companies in Europe.  Her areas of expertise include strategy and brand development; asset management; change management; refurbishment and renovation projects; sales and marketing; and operations for small and large hotels across star ratings.  Since leaving the hotel sector, she has fine-tuned her methodological toolkit and embraces the psychodynamic approach she learned at INSEAD via her life coaching advisory Psychodynamic Coaching.

Fluent in three languages, Cornelia is an active alumni and mentor to students of Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Cornelia can be viewed in a TEDx talk on the topic titled 'Want to be a leader?  Think about how to serve


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