RLA Global: Personal Lessons from 2021

Jan / 2022

We asked some of our brilliant team to share some of their personal lessons that they discovered in 2021, and how these will be shaping how they approach 2022.... Read more

RLA Global Insight 2021: The year in review.

Dec / 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, RLA Global looks back on a year that although was anything but normal, has not seen a hospitality industry in crisis. ... Read more

Lessons From Our Hospitality CEO’s: An Industry View.

Nov / 2021

Highlights of the CEO Panel: Rebuilding the Leisure Experience from the Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum 2021.... Read more

Senior Team

Paul Boldy

Senior Partner

Dr. Peter Bajcsi

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Richard von Kalmar

Director of Hospitality Investments & Board Member

Laura Dutrieux

Senior Tourism & Hospitality Consultant

Paul Sawford

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development

Simon Lee Saunders

VP Strategic Health & Wellness