Unlocking the Potential of Sports in Hotels and Resorts

Oct / 2019

Hotels and resorts can tap into a new lucrative market by catering to extreme sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. But first, they need to explore what drives guests keen on active sports and how they can be served best when it comes to their sporting passion. ... Read more

The 2019 International Society of Hospitality Consultants Annual Conference Hailed a Success

Sep / 2019

RLA's Group CEO had the honour of Co-Charing the 3-day ISHC annual conference, that was held at the new Andaz Hotel, Vienna. ... Read more

What is the Most Attractive Luxury Hotel Brand for Millennial's?

Sep / 2019

What does it take for luxury hotels to capture Millennials? Do traditional luxury brands best serve this new consumer group? Are there new concepts on the horizon to excite Millennials? ... Read more

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