RLA Group CEO at the 2022 Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum

Oct / 2022

Roger Allen, leading the panel session 'Beyond the Beach: Three Resort & Residential Concepts that Expand the Possibilities of Leisure Hospitality... Read more

A Meeting of Minds

Sep / 2022

RLA Global's Group CEO, Senior Partner, and Advisory Board Member meeting in Prague for a meeting of minds.... Read more

Why all-inclusive hotels are on the rise again

Aug / 2022

The all-inclusive model is making a comeback – but what has sparked this interest and why is it such a hot topic in hospitality investor circles?... Read more

Senior Team

Paul Boldy

Senior Partner

Dr. Peter Bajcsi

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Richard von Kalmar

Director of Hospitality Investments & Board Member

Laura Dutrieux

RLA Global Hospitality Advisory EMEA, Managing Director

Paul Sawford

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development

Simon Lee Saunders

VP Strategic Health & Wellness