RLA at International Medical Travel Exhibition & Conference, Dubai

Oct / 2015

Laszlo Puczko, RLA Group Managing Director Chaired a half-day workshop at IMTEC 8th October 2015. Discussing how the hospitality industry has developed to include more traditional health services and non-invasive procedures. Integrated health services as well as treatments incorporating evidence-based medicine have been gaining momentum in many sender markets. The breitling replica uk workshops explored guest/patient/customer expectations and services, whilst selected case studies were presented by industry champions illustrating how the hospitality and wellness industries are moving towards healthcare and how non-invasive approaches. ... Read more

Investors To Run Spas if Operators Can't Drive a Profit

Jun / 2015

During a recent speech in Paris Roger Allen, CEO of RLA, discussed several ways in which hotel spas can make more money and keep investors happy. ''A spa isn't necessarily a good bedfellow for an investor because margins are tough'', said Allen. ''Spas need to get back to actually making money by keeping it simple and creating cash flow - something I've never really seen in any spa business,'' added Allen. ... Read more