Laura Dutrieux

Senior Tourism & Hospitality Consultant

Wellness Real Estate Report Insights into F&B Performance

Sep / 2021

RLA's head of EMEA hospitality advisory makes a closer inspection of the F&B and the data findings of the Wellness Real Estate Report ... Read more

Short Term Rentals - where Luxury & Lifestyle Intersect

Jun / 2021

Luxury home-sharing, branded residences and fractional ownership see growth during COVID-19... Read more

Investing in Africa: What Hotel & Resort Feasibility Studies Should Address?

Feb / 2020

When assessing the viability of potential new hospitality assets in Africa, investors must look at local challenges and opportunities they wouldn't necessarily encounter in more mature markets. The following checklist identifies key aspects and uncertainties investors should consider when drawing up plans for hospitality developments on the continent. ... Read more

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Laura Dutrieux

Senior Tourism & Hospitality Consultant

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