RLA Global Appointed by World Bank Group for Central Asia Project

Apr / 2022

Providing expert resort and hotel insights to both national hotel and resort brands... Read more

Branded Residences are Dominating Hotel Investments - Here's Why.

Mar / 2022

Branded residences are going through a resurgence, with the number of offerings forecast to nearly double by 2026, new types of properties emerging and non-luxury brands targeting buyers with more affordable opportunities.... Read more

The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) has announced the ISHC Board of Directors for 2022.

Feb / 2022

11 new members will join our Group CEO, Roger Allen on the ISHC Board of Directors .... Read more

Senior Team

Paul Boldy

Senior Partner

Dr. Peter Bajcsi

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Richard von Kalmar

Director of Hospitality Investments & Board Member

Laura Dutrieux

Senior Tourism & Hospitality Consultant

Paul Sawford

Associate Director of Master Planning & Tourism Development

Simon Lee Saunders

VP Strategic Health & Wellness