Investors To Run Spas if Operators Can't Drive a Profit

Jun / 2015

During a recent speech in Paris Roger Allen, CEO of RLA, discussed several ways in which hotel spas can make more money and keep investors happy. ''A spa isn't necessarily a good bedfellow for an investor because margins are tough'', said Allen. ''Spas need to get back to actually making money by keeping it simple and creating cash flow - something I've never really seen in any spa business,'' added Allen. ... Read more

RLA Presented at Hotel Spa Event

May / 2015

Roger Allen, CEO of RLA, was among the Forum’s featured Speakers. His presentation, "Show Me The Money in Operating a Spa" took an expert look at a critical topic that is not often highlighted to investors when considering spa and wellness developments.... Read more

African Hotel Expansion Summit: Dakar, Senegal

Feb / 2015

Roger Allen, CEO of RLA, spoke at the African Hotel Expansion Summit on opportunities and challenges for achieving spa financial viability. His presentation, "Do Hotel Spas ‘Really’ Make Money?" provided a compelling overview of diverse internal and external factors that impact underperforming or high-performance spa operation results.... Read more